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Past Research Visits

With less than 1% of our total collections objects on display at a given time, our collections serve primarily as research tools. We receive visitors from institutions all over the world and collections objects frequently play a role in scholarly publications. Below, you will find a list of past researchers. Click on selected names to read more about their projects. Information about our most recent researchers can be found on the blog.

If you would like to submit a summary of your research visit to be featured here, need to make any corrections, or have mistakenly been left off of our list, let us know!

Abejuela, Mercibelle B: Bukidnon State University

Abellera, Benjamin C: University of the District of Columbia

Akana, Elizabeth

Arbeit, Wendy

Ardjo, Irawati D: Pusbitari Dance Company

Anderson, Astrid: University of Oslo

Anderson, Eric

Barzyk, James

Bardot, Jocelyn: University of Melbourne

Bell, Joshua A: Oxford University

Bennett, Adrian

Bertulfo, MG: Calypso Moon Studio

Blackley, Roger: Victoria University Wellington

Booker, Lauren: University of Sydney

Brandeis, Hans: Freie Universitat Berlin

Burke, Joseph, III: Top Prado Blades

Campos, Fredeliza: University of Hong Kong

Carnate, Oliver: Top Prado Blades

Cattermole, Jennifer: University of Otago

Cedraschi, Raffaela: Museo Nacional de las Culturas

Chikiamco, Clarissa: National Gallery Singapore

Chrisman, Bruce Kam’omiloa: John A. Burns School of Medicine

Coote, Eric

Coote, Evarne

Craig, Barry: South Australian Museum

Dai, Kosuke: Keio University

Davis, Collis

Douglas, Michele

Drew, Joshua: Columbia University

Durband, Arthur: Texas Tech University

Ellis, Ngarino: University of Auckland

Foster, Robert J: University of Rochester

Green, Alexandra: British Museum

Green, Debra: University of Illinois Chicago

de Grunne, Bernard

Gunn, Michael: St. Louis Art Museum

Hakiwai, Arapata: Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Havini, Taloi

Hennen, Molly: Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Heppel, Michael: Monash University

Icasiano, Carmita: University of the Philippines

Ingram, Paul: Top Prado Blades

Ivory, Carol: Washington State University

Jennison, Enoch: University of Kansas

Jernigan, Jessica: Witte Museum

Johnson, Bettina: University of Illinois Chicago

Johnson, Kathleen

Jones, Jonathan: University of Technology, Sydney

Junker, Laura L: University of Illinois Chicago

Kaa, Nepia: University of Auckland

Kaeppler, Adrienne: Smithsonian Institution

Kent, Mark: Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Kiley, Kathleen: St. Ambrose University

Kim, Christina: University of Illinois Chicago

King, David: Univesity of California Berkeley

Kjellgran, Eric: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lasco, Lorenzo: Bahay Saliksikan ng Kasaysayan

Lasco, Conchita: Bahay Saliksikan ng Kasaysayan

van den  Meiracker, Cees: Museum of Ethnology Rotterdam

McCall, Grant: University of Sydney

Meierhoff, Jim: University of Illinois Chicago

Melendres, Ferdinand: World International Ministries

Melk-Koch, Marion

Militz, Thane: University of the Sunshine Coast

de Monbrison, Constance: Musee du quai Branly

Mondragon, Carlos: El Colegio de Mexico

Myford, Laura C: Illinois Wesleyan University

Newall, Jenny: British Museum

Nicolas, Alain: Musee d’Arts Africains, Oceaniens, Amerindiens

Ocampo, Ambeth: Atenea de Manila University

O’Connor, Tammy: St. Louis Art Museum

Pakarati, China

Pietrewsky, Michael: University of Hawaii

Policarpio, PJ Gubatina

Pomponio, Alice: St. Lawrence University

Pugh, David

Pugh, Betty

Quirino, Cecil

Rarey, Matthew: University of Illinois

Richards, Rhys: University of East Anglia

Rimmer, Zoe: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Romualdez-Valtos, Eliza: University of the Philippines

Russell, Scott: Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands Dept. of Community and Cultural Affairs

Said, David

Salvador-Amores, Analyn: University of the Philippines Baguio

Santos, Ramon P: University of the Philippines

Santos, Monica: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Schauer, Matt: University of Illinois Chicago

Sheppard, Peter: University of Auckland

Shin, Robert: University of Maryland

Simpson, Dale: University of Queensland

Sperlich, Tobias: University of Regina

Stefan, Vincent H: City University of New York

Storey, Alice: University of New England

Soles, Mary Ellen: North Carolina Museum of Art

Szabo, Katherine: University of Birmingham

Tarczynski, Meredith: Texas Tech University

Temo, Frederick Hata: University of Otago

Thoms, Hannah: University of Michigan

Tracey, Pelle G: Earlham College

Treagus, Mandy: University of Adelaide

van Tilburg, Jo Anne: University of California Los Angeles

Tuna, Maramena: University of Otago

Victoria, Dante S, Jr.: Bukidnon State University

Wagelie, Jennifer: City University of New York

Waite, Deborah

Wallace, Patricia Te Arapo: University of Canterbury

Waterfield, Hermione: Musee Barbier-Mueller

Weiner, James: Australian National University

Were, Graeme: University College London

Wharehinga, Eruera: Te Whanau-a-Ruataupare

Wilcken, Lane

Wingfield, Chris: University of Birmingham

Yokley, Todd: Northern Illinois University

York, Gigi: University of Wyoming

York, Robert: University of Wyoming

Zachwieja, Tom: Top Prado Blades

van der Zee, Pauline: University of Ghent

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