Past Research Visits

With less than 1% of our total collections objects on display at a given time, our collections serve primarily as research tools. We receive visitors from institutions all over the world and collections objects frequently play a role in scholarly publications. Below, you will find a list of past researchers. Click on selected names to read more about their projects.

If you would like to submit a summary of your research visit to be featured here, need to make any corrections, or have mistakenly been left off of our list, let us know!

Abejuela, Mercibelle B: Bukidnon State University

Abellera, Benjamin C: University of the District of Columbia

Akana, Elizabeth

Arbeit, Wendy

Ardjo, Irawati D: Pusbitari Dance Company

Anderson, Astrid: University of Oslo

Anderson, Eric

Barzyk, James

Bardot, Jocelyn: University of Melbourne

Bell, Joshua A: Oxford University

Bennett, Adrian

Bertulfo, MG: Calypso Moon Studio

Blackley, Roger: Victoria University Wellington

Booker, Lauren: University of Sydney

Brandeis, Hans: Freie Universitat Berlin

Burke, Joseph, III: Top Prado Blades

Campos, Fredeliza: University of Hong Kong

Carnate, Oliver: Top Prado Blades

Cattermole, Jennifer: University of Otago

Cedraschi, Raffaela: Museo Nacional de las Culturas

Chikiamco, Clarissa: National Gallery Singapore

Chrisman, Bruce Kam’omiloa: John A. Burns School of Medicine

Coote, Eric

Coote, Evarne

Craig, Barry: South Australian Museum

Dai, Kosuke: Keio University

Davis, Collis

Douglas, Michele

Drew, Joshua: Columbia University

Durband, Arthur: Texas Tech University

Ellis, Ngarino: University of Auckland

Foster, Robert J: University of Rochester

Green, Alexandra: British Museum

Green, Debra: University of Illinois Chicago

de Grunne, Bernard

Gunn, Michael: St. Louis Art Museum

Hakiwai, Arapata: Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Havini, Taloi

Hennen, Molly: Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Heppel, Michael: Monash University

Icasiano, Carmita: University of the Philippines

Ingram, Paul: Top Prado Blades

Ivory, Carol: Washington State University

Jennison, Enoch: University of Kansas

Jernigan, Jessica: Witte Museum

Johnson, Bettina: University of Illinois Chicago

Johnson, Kathleen

Jones, Jonathan: University of Technology, Sydney

Junker, Laura L: University of Illinois Chicago

Kaa, Nepia: University of Auckland

Kaeppler, Adrienne: Smithsonian Institution

Kent, Mark: Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Kiley, Kathleen: St. Ambrose University

Kim, Christina: University of Illinois Chicago

King, David: Univesity of California Berkeley

Kjellgran, Eric: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lasco, Lorenzo: Bahay Saliksikan ng Kasaysayan

Lasco, Conchita: Bahay Saliksikan ng Kasaysayan

van den  Meiracker, Cees: Museum of Ethnology Rotterdam

McCall, Grant: University of Sydney

Meierhoff, Jim: University of Illinois Chicago

Melendres, Ferdinand: World International Ministries

Melk-Koch, Marion

Militz, Thane: University of the Sunshine Coast

de Monbrison, Constance: Musee du quai Branly

Mondragon, Carlos: El Colegio de Mexico

Myford, Laura C: Illinois Wesleyan University

Newall, Jenny: British Museum

Nicolas, Alain: Musee d’Arts Africains, Oceaniens, Amerindiens

Ocampo, Ambeth: Atenea de Manila University

O’Connor, Tammy: St. Louis Art Museum

Pakarati, China

Pietrewsky, Michael: University of Hawaii

Policarpio, PJ Gubatina

Pomponio, Alice: St. Lawrence University

Pugh, David

Pugh, Betty

Quirino, Cecil

Rarey, Matthew: University of Illinois

Richards, Rhys: University of East Anglia

Rimmer, Zoe: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Romualdez-Valtos, Eliza: University of the Philippines

Russell, Scott: Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands Dept. of Community and Cultural Affairs

Said, David

Salvador-Amores, Analyn: University of the Philippines Baguio

Santos, Ramon P: University of the Philippines

Santos, Monica: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Schauer, Matt: University of Illinois Chicago

Sheppard, Peter: University of Auckland

Shin, Robert: University of Maryland

Simpson, Dale: University of Queensland

Sperlich, Tobias: University of Regina

Stefan, Vincent H: City University of New York

Storey, Alice: University of New England

Soles, Mary Ellen: North Carolina Museum of Art

Szabo, Katherine: University of Birmingham

Tarczynski, Meredith: Texas Tech University

Temo, Frederick Hata: University of Otago

Thoms, Hannah: University of Michigan

Tracey, Pelle G: Earlham College

Treagus, Mandy: University of Adelaide

van Tilburg, Jo Anne: University of California Los Angeles

Tuna, Maramena: University of Otago

Victoria, Dante S, Jr.: Bukidnon State University

Wagelie, Jennifer: City University of New York

Waite, Deborah

Wallace, Patricia Te Arapo: University of Canterbury

Waterfield, Hermione: Musee Barbier-Mueller

Weiner, James: Australian National University

Were, Graeme: University College London

Wharehinga, Eruera: Te Whanau-a-Ruataupare

Wilcken, Lane

Wingfield, Chris: University of Birmingham

Yokley, Todd: Northern Illinois University

York, Gigi: University of Wyoming

York, Robert: University of Wyoming

Zachwieja, Tom: Top Prado Blades

van der Zee, Pauline: University of Ghent

Background image: Port Moresby by Hitchster. CC BY 2.0 / cropped and desaturated from original

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