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Lumad Mindanao

The National Museum of the Philippines has released a new book, Lumad Mindanao. The book features photos from the Field’s archives, among others. From the National Museum’s website

This is dedicated to the Lumadnon as another collective indigenous group in the southern Philippines perceptively negotiating and narrating their place in the Filipino society. We hope that this publication will help narrow gaps in accounts written about them and understand their present situation by providing accessible and updated reference material.

The Field Museum hosted Lumad visitors in 2019. Nine Lumad members, representing the Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Council of Elders (MIPCEL), explored the Museum’s Philippines collection of 10,000+ items during a tour with Head of Anthropological Collections Jamie Kelly and Collections Assistant Julia Kennedy.

A tour group from MIPCEL and Chicago's Consulate General of the Philippines discuss materials cared for by the Field Museum. Photo by Julia Kennedy.

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