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Discussing non-Western and Indigenous curation methods: a talk in the Maori meeting house

On February 7, Dr. Christina Kreps (University of Denver) held a staff workshop entitled Appropriate Museology. Having given a public presentation of the talk the day before, Dr. Kreps ventured deeper into the topics of respectful collections care and language, decolonization of museum spaces, and the challenges faced by the Field and other institutions in the process of collaborative curation. Attendees included staff of the exhibitions, collections, curatorial, and conservation departments. The wharenui proved an apt and poignant place to hold this discussion, which evokes strong feelings in descendent communities and collections caretakers alike.

(L-R) Dr. Christina Kreps and Dr. Alaka Wali, curator of North American collections, lead a discussion in the wharenui.

FM staff participate in Dr. Kreps' discussion in the wharenui. Photo by Susan Neill.


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