Summer 2018 Interns

The Regenstein Pacific fund provides for one or more interns each summer. These interns may take part in any aspect of museum operation, including collections projects, curatorial research, or conservation. 

In the summer of 2018, we are fortunate to have three interns studying, and helping care for, the Pacific collections:

Emily England | University of Illinois | Chicago

I am a graduate student focusing on museum collections management in the University of Illinois - Chicago’s Museum and Exhibition Studies (MUSE) program. As part of the summer 2018 Regenstein Pacific Anthropology internship, I was most excited to learn about the history and use of co-curation and digital stewardship practices at the Field Museum. It’s always great to experience how another museum manages its collections and learn a new subject matter, and the Field Museum provides excellent resources to do so. This internship has allowed me to meet some really great people doing amazing co-curative collaborations and learn more about their work processes.

Emily participated in a number of collections, photography and research projects during her internship. See some of her contributions to below:


Isabelle Harton | Université Laval | Quebec City

Coming all the way to the Field Museum from Canada has been a  rewarding experience. As a recent graduate in Anthropology, I was seeking professional experience in the field of cultural anthropology. Interning with the Regenstein Pacific Collections specifically addressed  my research interests.

Working on imaging and integrating information of the Fiji and Hawaii collections into the new Pacific Anthropology web portal of the museum gave me the opportunity to study different Pacific traditions and objects. The project will also enable others to discover and understand these cultures. I got to conduct research on important practices in the Pacific, such as the consumption of kava.

I also learned a lot about myself. I feel changed and more mature than I ever was before. Next September, I will begin my Master's degree in International Relations in Quebec, a field of study in which I am positive that my experience at the Field Museum will be very useful. Chicago is a brilliant city which can be intimidating at first sight to an outsider like me, but once you get the chance to understand your surroundings, you can immediately feel it growing on you.

Isabelle participated in a number of collections, photography and research projects during her internship. See some of her contributions to below:


Clay Jaskowski | University of Notre Dame | Indiana

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame.  I came to intern at the Field Museum through a joint program between Notre Dame and the Field.  In my time at the museum, I have been working on research based upon spears and daggers from the Admiralty Islands.  My main job was to measure the chemical composition of the obsidian blades using pXRF, so that their origin could be inferred.  I had no experience with pXRF prior to this internship but through my research I have become quite familiar with using it. Along with learning to use pXRF, this internship has also provided me with other useful anthropological skills, including object handling, and database operation.  Most of all, I am grateful that this internship has shown me Anthropology in practice, rather than strictly in a classroom setting.

Clay participated in a number of collections and research projects during his internship. See some of his contributions to below:

Background image: Port Moresby by Hitchster. CC BY 2.0 / cropped and desaturated from original

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